Kirklees Local Television is an internet-based TV station and film production company providing premier local news, views and entertainment for the diverse local people of Kirklees.

Welcome to our education and training platform.

Here at KLTV, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and deliver high quality, practical, and innovative training courses that bring the most up-to-date thinking on a wide range of subjects.

KLTV provides a wide array of courses across various fields of study including:

Employment & Skills Training

Diversity & Inclusion

Education for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Videography & Filmmaking

Introduction to Black History & African Studies

KLTV filming on location

High-Quality Training

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and deliver high quality, practical, and innovative training courses bringing the most up-to-date thinking on a wide range of subjects. We deliver a range of courses to both the public and private sectors and to individuals who want to develop their skills.

Our previous clients include Local Charities and Community Groups, Kirklees Council, The University of Huddersfield, Parish Council, Huddersfield Mission and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Optimising Potential

We will aim to inspire individuals to realise their full potential, empower them to have a positive impact on others around them and to help reduce barriers to accessing employment. Our approach is imaginative, interactive and engaging. We feel this enables personal growth and should positively influence their longer-term behaviours and outlook.

Engaging Courses

All our courses are delivered using a variety of methods including: tutor led workshops, one to one coaching support, individual learning, group work, practical workshops, role-play activities, group discussions, peer learning, and opportunities for volunteering. All of our courses are structured to meet individual learning needs and are sensitive to cultural issues.

We are Kirklees Local Television

KLTV training works with individuals, public, private, voluntary and third sector organisations.

The team are all from local communities in Kirklees and the surrounding area and have many years of experience in delivering formal and informal learning to young people and adults.

Collectively, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges and potential barriers to education, employment and professional development.

We have significant experience of working across all religious, cultural and ethnic groups.

We have robust quality assurance systems to ensure our learners receive the highest quality education through all aspects of their KLTV journey, including recruitment, initial assessment, induction, preparation of individual learning plans, quality of teaching and learning, progress reviews, evaluation, achievement and progression.

The KLTV training team includes qualified tutors and industry professionals who collectively have over 50 years of experience.

Our clients, both home and abroad, include the Job Centre Plus, Civil Service, Over 80 local authorities across the country, Universities, Bank of New York, Boston Massachusetts and Los Angeles Police Departments, Kampala Uganda and Harare Zimbabwe, and several municipal councils.

We are an Institute Leadership Management (ILM) Centre and enjoy working with our clients, providing inspiration, and encouraging aspirations in our learning and development programs.

Kirklees Local Television Ltd. is an ILM Accredited Training Centre.

R.A.D.A.R. Recruit Acclimatise Develop and Retain is a City & Guilds Assured Course